A Fun Day at the Zoo

On the 5 May, the Bilingual Primary School Students went on an experiential learning journey to the zoo.





Upon arriving at the zoo, the students were very excited. Eagerly, they went to observe the various animals. There were deers, the leopards, the Manchurian tigers, the emus, the rhesus monkeys, red-crowned cranes and other rare animals. The children were delighted by the adorable llamas as they fed them. They were fascinated by the peacock’s awesome display of its tail feathers and entertained by the playful monkeys. The children then gathered around the pool filled with goldfish. Surely, such wonderful memories would follow these children as they grow.

The children followed their teachers as they observed the characteristics of each zoo animal. They answered the questions posed by their teachers and took pictures of their favorite animals.





This trip has certainly enriched the children in many ways. It has widened their horizons, increased their environmental awareness. They learnt about endangered species and the need to protect wildlife. And of course, they children would get to complete their zoo funbook and present their favorite to the class. The children are all looking forward to the next trip like this one!





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