Sports for Joy

2016-05-17 南通思德福国际学校

Our school is truly an international school as we have students from 14 different countries. Thus, the school held its inaugural sports day on the May 13 to celebrate our harmony in diversity, promote healthy lifestyle and enrich our students’ campus experience.




The event was held in the school sports hall. As the sports day was declared open by the principal, the flag bearers, each bearing the flag of their own countries, marched in with the anthem of the United Nations playing. The class teams from the bilingual and international wings followed closely behind, waving wreaths, rackets and other ornaments as they cheered enthusiastically.




Mdm Wu, in her opening speech, said that different cultures possess their own special qualities and we should display the best of ourselves. She wanted the students, regardless of where they come from, to display sportsmanship and carry the spirit of the Olympics, through forging friendship and showing mutual respect even as we compete. The Inter-class Set Exercise Competition was carried out right after the judges’ speech. It was an awe-inspiring sight to behold: every student in synchrony and harmony with one another.






Next, there were the friendly matches between students born in the same year, as well as novelty races for the younger children. The events were ping pong relay, sack race relay, iron hoop rolling relay, beanbag tossing, team “river crossing”, team “river crossing” with mattresses, “caterpillar” race, bowling, etc. Everyone had participated in the events with youthful vigor and experienced the fun in sports.




This very eventful day ended with a friendly match between the school staff and the students.This inaugural sports day has proven to be a very fun-filled day for every one. We await patiently for the next sports day where we can challenge one another to greater heights.




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