The NTSIS bilingual secondary curriculum combines the compulsory education core curriculum with the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Cambridge IGCSE aims to develop students’ creative thinking, knowledge exploration and problem solving abilities. Students can take the annual Cambridge International General Secondary Education Diploma (IGCSE) exam and will receive the International General Secondary Education Diploma after passing the exam. The diploma is currently the most recognized middle school diploma in the world.

       Course characteristics:

  1. Optimize basic courses.Implement the requirements of compulsory education curriculum in Jiangsu province, make appropriate adjustments in teaching hours and content, and focus on cultivating students’ ability to acquire and apply knowledge.
  2. Intensive English Course. Increase English class hours, focus on improving students’ English literacy, and lay a solid foundation for the gradual transition to the fully English science syllabus and the subsequent oversea study.
  3. Integration of Cambridge Curriculum.In Mathematics, Science, Physics and Chemistry, international Cambridge middle school curriculum teaching content is introduced to strengthen students’ academic ability, nurture critical thinking and innovation, and become an inquirer, thinker and communicator.
  4. Offer extra-curricular activities. The school sets up a number of ECA clubs to enable students to explore their own interests, develop their strengths and enrich their campus life.