NTSIS bilingual elementary school includes the following four courses:

        ★Core courses:Complete the teaching plan of compulsory education stage stipulated by the nation, and enhance students’national identity and cultural self-confidence;

        ★English course:Learn from Singapore English immersion teaching expertise, pay attention to the cultivation of listening and speaking and practical application ability, for students to lay a solid foundation for English to enter the international curriculum of secondary school and study abroad;

        ★Inquiry course:By introducing the contents of Singapore science textbooks and drawing lessons from the IB curriculum teaching concept and mode known as “mature international quality education”, students can develop their independent critical thinking and creativity in the collision of different views and thoughts.

        ★Extended course:According to students’ interests and hobbies, we will arrange four classes of club activities in sports, art, science, foreign languages and other fields every week to promote the all-round and harmonious development of students’ morality, intelligence, physique and beauty.